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Success Stories

Since it’s founding, Healing House has helped more than 3,000 men and women in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Learn more about how 75% of our clients have achieved long-term recovery my reading their success stories.

Client success story

Meet Gabby…

Before coming to Healing House, I was lost with no one to guide me. I sought happiness in drugs, men and money. I hated myself and, even if I had wanted to get sober, I had no idea how to stay sober.

Early in 2015, I came to Healing House for the second time. I had relapsed, but the “Moms” of Healing House (Bobbi Jo and Judi) welcomed me back with open arms. They didn’t reject me and, for the first time, I knew I was cared for and loved. I’m thankful that today I can say that I love myself too.

Meet Morgan…

My experience at the Healing House has been nothing short of a miracle.

This place has allowed me to figure out who I am in God. I am slowly discovering God’s plans for my life. Healing House has guided me as I build my foundation in recovery and encouraged me to focus on making the right decisions one day at a time. I absolutely love this place.


Morgan Dundon
Nicholas Spero

Meet Nick…

The Healing House has been a blessing to me. I was released from prison in the Fall of 2015 and was accepted and welcomed into the ministry. It was great to find a clean and secure environment with caring people to help me transition back into society. I have been clothed, fed and housed. I attend recovery meetings daily where we focus on achieving lasting recovery through Christ. This is exactly what I needed.

Meet Ken…

I came to Healing House in August 2015. I was depressed and broken. They told me “welcome Home.” It wasn’t long before I realized this is the first place that felt like home in four years. I feel loved and appreciated and have reconnected with my Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am joyful. I look forward to serving in this ministry and sharing the gift that has been given to me!

Ken - addiction recovery success story