Healing House, Inc.
4420 Saint John Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64123
(816) 920-7181

Rules and Requirements

The following rules and requirements are to be upheld at all properties owned and operated by Healing House, Inc. as well as any activity attended by Healing House, Inc.

Medication Limitations and Drug Use:

  • Illicit drug use is not allowed while residing at Healing House.
    • Prohibited medications include but are not limited to: narcotics, Benzos, Tramadol, K2, Bath Salts and any mind-altering substances.
  • All residents will submit a Urinalysis and Breathalyzer upon admission and upon request at any time and for any reason.
  • All prohibited medication(s) must be turned in to the office to be evaluated and, if necessary, properly disposed. Medications to be used temporarily will be held at the Healing House office.
  • All medications and medical paperwork must be presented upon intake for admission. Copies of paper work will be placed in residents file.
  • Any discontinuation or change in medication must be authorized and documented by a doctor. Paper work will then be copied and placed in file.
  • If a hospital or doctor’s visit is made by resident documentation must be provided to house manger verifying time of admission and discharge as well as treatment and/or any medication administered or prescribed during visit.

Eviction may result if any of the above rules are violated. If evicted, Healing House premises must be vacated immediately.

30-Day Restriction Period:

Upon admission, all residents will be placed on restriction for a minimum of 30 days. Restriction consists of the following:

  • Possession of a mobile phone is prohibited regardless of employment status
  • Media devices having internet capabilities are prohibited
  • Resident may not leave Healing House premises except to job search, attend medical appointments, see to legal obligations or attend treatment
  • Attendance at all Healing House activities, meetings and events is required
  • Residents are not allowed to walk to or from the meeting hall or store alone; they must be accompanied by a senior member
  • Overnights visits are prohibited

In order to graduate from restriction, resident must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident for no less than 30 days
  • Be current on rent
  • Be employed at a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • $100 sobriety deposit paid (refundable upon successful discharge from Healing House)
  • Obtained approval from Director, Assistant Director and House Manager
  • Have satisfactory meeting attendance
  • Have minimal rule violations
  • Complete the first 164 pages of “Big Book” and have a recovery sponsor
  • Exceptions must be approved by House Manager and/or Director or Assistant Director.

Other Rules and Requirements:

  • Residents are expected to commit to a stay of no less than 90 days at Healing House
  • Shared-living expense is $460.00 per month
  • Sobriety deposit of $100.00 (refundable upon successful discharge from Healing House)
  • Attend mandatory meetings:
    • Community meeting every Sunday at 5:00 pm
    • Men-only or women-only recovery meeting every Tuesday at 6:00 pm
    • No plans should be made following mandatory meetings. This time is to be spent with individual’s housemates.
  • Once off of restriction, residents must attend a minimum of one spiritual activity and two recovery meetings per week in addition to mandatory meetings.
  • Provide one meal for the Healing House community once every six to eight weeks.
  • If a resident has received a mental health diagnosis and is prescribed medication resident must continue taking prescribed medication and dosage unless documentation can be provided from a physician to discontinue or reduce medication
  • Fraternization between current or former residents of Healing House is discouraged and is not allowed within the first 6 months of admission
  • To maintain a safe recovery environment, Healing House residents staying 6 months or longer must seek the approval of Director before dating anyone within Healing House
  • Healing House Phone Usage:
    • Three phone calls are allowed daily with ten minutes per call
    • Residents will limit personal phone calls while on restriction to family members, sponsor and treatment center
    • No personal phone calls are to be made at the Healing House meeting hall unless there is an emergency and only with staff permission
    • All phone calls must be made in a public area
    • Phones are not allowed in bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Do not borrow anything without permission
  • Do not ask other residents for cigarettes
  • Do not borrow or ask for anything from members of opposite sex, leaders or residents. If you are in need of something, ask your House Leader
  • No selling or borrowing food stamps (this is illegal)
  • Special diets are at your own expense
  • Household Duties:
    • Chores must be completed by 10:00 pm (or as instructed by management) and signed-off daily
    • “Deep-cleans” are to be completed on Tuesdays and Saturdays by 6:00 pm
    • Failure to sign-off on chores will be considered a non-completion and will result in a write-up
    • Dishes must not be left in bedrooms or common areas
    • Food is not permitted in bedrooms
    • Clean up after yourself. Personal items may not be left in common areas
    • Belongings being brought into any house must be processed by a staff member
    • Residents are to be ready for their day no later than 7:30 am
    • Residents may not be in Healing House homes alone without permission
    • Televisions are not allowed on between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm
    • Laundry days are assigned each Sunday. Using laundry facility without permission or on an unassigned day will result in a write-up and possible loss of laundry facility privileges
    • Laundry may not be started before 7:00 am or after 10:00 pm
    • Clean laundry filters after every use
    • Do not wash or dry tennis shoes in Healing House laundry facility
  • Grocery store runs are every Saturday immediately following morning meeting
  • Do not feed pets anything except dog or cat food
  • Gossip and vulgar language will not be tolerated
  • Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Physical abuse will result in immediate eviction and authorities will be called
  • Theft will not be tolerated. Theft will result in immediate eviction and authorities will be called
  • Personal property including media devices and mobile phones can and will be searched in the event of suspicious behavior by any resident
  • If resident becomes two or more weeks behind in rent, they will be placed on restriction until rent is current. Payment arrangements must be made with Assistant Director
  • Upon returning from an overnight, each resident must pay $15 for a urinalysis
  • Residents must give two-week notice prior to moving from Healing House. If proper notice is not given, sobriety deposit may not be refunded. Monies owed to resident will be issued in a check at the beginning of the following month
  • Resident must seek employment and be employed within three weeks of admission. While unemployed all members must complete 15 hours of in-house community service
  • Weapons are not allowed at any Healing House property for any reason
  • Residents must dress appropriately and completely at all times. If clothing standards are a concern, resident may ask their house manager
  • Ear buds/ear phones, sunglasses or hoods may not be worn at any recovery function

Violation of any of the rules listed above or any action jeopardizing the safety of other residents of Healing House, Inc. will result in a formal write-up. Failure to correct behavior may result in immediate eviction from Healing House, Inc. All issues or concerns that arise should be taken to House Manager, Director or Assistant Director for resolution. All disciplinary actions are made at the discretion of Healing House Director. The Director will have the final say in matters affecting the shared living arrangement of the Healing House.

Healing House is meant to be a stepping stone in your new walk. Healing House provides a loving environment for you to let down your guard, build trust with other people and build your faith in God. We encourage change and continual growth. We value family, doing the next right thing and treating others according to Biblical principles. Welcome home!