Healing House, Inc.
4420 Saint John Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64123
(816) 920-7181

Rules and Requirements

The following rules and requirements are to be upheld at all properties owned and operated by Healing House, Inc. as well as any activity attended by Healing House, Inc.

Drug use and Medication Policies

  • No use of alcohol, unprescribed medications or street drugs will be allowed while residing at the Healing House.
  • All residents will submit to UA’s (Urinalysis) and BA’s (Breathalyzer) upon admission and upon request at ANY time, for any reason.
  • All medications and medical paperwork MUST be presented to the office upon intake for documentation. Any documentation placed in resident file.
  • Any controlled medications will not be allowed in resident’s possession or property, and must be locked in secure location.
  • If resident has been seen at a hospital or emergency room, all documentation MUST be provided to house manger and office verifying, times of admission, arrival, and discharge. As well as treatment, and/or any medication administered, or prescribed during visit.
  • If Director believes that a prescribed medication is affecting the resident’s ability to actively participate in the Healing House program, or there is a suspicion of medication abuse or medication is creating an obstacle in the resident’s recovery goals the Director or Asst Director will engage with the Resident, and with signed HIPPA clearance agreement, will work collaboratively with prescribing physician/clinic to address and resolve any issues. If physician/clinic is unresponsive a second opion may be requested.
  • In the event the use of any medication creates an unsafe atmosphere that is not conducive to recovery or is adversely affecting the residential community, as a whole, the resident may be exited from the program.
  • Upon leaving Healing House it is the resident’s responsibility to remove all medication and belongings from the Healing House property. This must be done within seven (7) days.  Any abandoned medications will be destroyed.

 Probationary, and Restriction Period

 Upon entry, ALL residents will be placed on restriction/probation for a minimum 30 days.

This consists of:

  • No possession of a cell phone or any media devices (working or not)
  • NO media devices that have internet capabilities.
  • You CANNOT be away from the house except for: job searching, medical apt, legal obligations, or treatment. Your first seven (7) days you will not be able to job search, AFTER your first seven days you can job search for two (2) days and the other three (3) days you will perform community service.
  • NO phone calls to anyone except immediate family, including spouse and children.
  • You MUST attend all Healing House activities, meetings, and events.
  • NO overnights.
  • All exceptions must be approved by House Manager, and/or Director or ASST. Director.
  • Residents on restriction are not allowed to walk anywhere alone. You must be accompanied by a senior member.

In order to be released from Restriction Residents must meet all of the following:

  • Be a resident for at least 30 days
  • Rent MUST be current
  • Employed (min 20hrs wk.)
  • Sobriety Deposit paid $100 (will not be refunded in case of relapse, or prior to your 90 day commitment or a lack of a two (2) week notice after 90 days)
  • Meeting attendance satisfactory
  • NO major Rule violations
  • Completion of the first 164 pages of Big Book, and have a 12-step sponsor.
  • Director/Asst Director will inform your house manager when you are eligible to come off restriction status.

Mandatory Obligations and Expectations

  •  There is NO fraternization allowed between current residents or residents that have exited program, premature of a 6-month period. This is to maintain a safe and productive environment for all residents.
  • All residents are expected to commit to a stay of NO less than 90 days at Healing House.
  • Shared living expenses are $500.00/monthly.
  • Community meeting Sunday at 5 PM (Do not make plans on Sunday evening. Sunday evening is to be spent with Healing House Family).
  • Men and Women’s separate Recovery meeting at 6 PM on Tuesday (Do not make plans on Tuesday evening. Tuesday evening is to be spent with Healing House Family)
  • Once off of restriction, residents MUST attend minimally 1 spiritual activity, and 2 recovery meetings per week, in addition to mandatory meetings.
  • Provide a meal for Family once every 6-8 weeks.
  • Overnights are to be approved by house manager and Director/Asst Director. (Leaving a voicemail is unacceptable)
  • Visitations are from 1-3 pm on Sunday at Fellowship Hall.

General Rules Applicable to all properties and all Residents


  • While using any Healing House Phones. 3 calls are allowed daily, 10 min per call.
  • Residents will limit personal phone calls while on restriction to family members, children, and sponsor and treatment center.
  • NO personal phone calls are to be made at the Hall, unless there is an emergency, and only with staff permission.
  • All phone calls need to be made in public area.
  • Phones are NOT allowed in bed rooms or bathrooms.
  • No borrowing or selling food stamps. (This is illegal!)
  • Do NOT borrow anything including monies, bus passes, and food without permission (THIS IS STEALING)
  • Do NOT ask other residents for cigarettes.
  • Do NOT borrow, or ask for anything from members of opposite sex, leaders or residents.
  • If you are in need of something, ask YOUR House Leader.
  • Special diets are at your own expense. Store runs for individuals’ needs will occur weekly.
  • Do chores daily and sign off when completed as instructed by management.
  • Deep cleans are to be completed by 10 pm on Tuesdays and noon on Saturdays, or prior to leaving the house for the day, as instructed by management.
  • Failure to sign off will result in a write up for non-completion of chore.
  • Laundry days are assigned on Sundays. Using Laundry without permission and on unassigned day will result in write-up and possible loss of Laundry privileges.
  • Laundry cannot be started before 7am or after 10pm.
  • Clean dryer filters after every use.
  • Do NOT wash or dry any shoes in Healing House Machines.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD will be stored in bedrooms.
  • Gossip will NOT be tolerated.
  • Do NOT feed pet’s ANY thing except Dog or Cat food.
  • Vulgar language will not be tolerated.
  • Physical or verbal abuse, including abuse of pets, will not be tolerated and immediate eviction will result (and authorities may be contacted).
  • Searches can and will be done, in case of any suspicious behavior by any resident. All belongings can be searched including but not limited to media devices and cell phones.
  • If resident becomes 2 weeks or more behind in rent, they will be placed back on restriction until rent is current. And must make arrangements with Asst. Director.
  • Before taking an approved overnight each resident must pay $15 to the house manager for a UA administered upon return.
  • Residents must give a two week notice prior to moving from Healing House. If proper notice is not given sobriety deposit may not be refunded. Any monies owed will be issued in a check at the beginning of the following month.
  • All resident must be actively seeking employment and must be employed before grant vouchers are exhausted.
  • While unemployed all members must complete 20 hours of in house community service per week. (See notes regarding first seven days you cannot job search, after seven days you can job search two days and three days you must perform community service).
  • Once employed, residents must maintain 20 hours of employment per week.
  • Clean up after yourself in every area of every property, no personal items left in common area
  • NO Food in bedrooms so therefore no dishes are to be in bedrooms, and do not leave them in common rooms either.
  • All material or belongings being brought into any house must be processed by staff.
  • Residents are to be ready for their day no later than 7:30 am on weekdays.
  • Residents may not be allowed in Houses alone.
  • Televisions are not allowed on during the hours of 7:30 am and 5pm during the week days (unless a Holiday).
  • NO weapons are allowed in or on any property, including vehicles for any reason.
  • Residents must dress appropriately at all times, if clothing is unacceptable, residents will be asked to change clothing. Note: only a one-piece swimsuit is allowed at pool area.
  • NO ear buds, sunglasses, or hoodies while in houses, attending meeting, meals or outside functions. (Fellowship is a key component to recovery).
  • If a resident vacates the Healing House property the resident must collect all personal items within seven (7) days. After seven (7) days all of the resident’s property, not collected, will be disposed of by House Manager.
  • All issues or concerns that arise should be taken to House Manager, unless it involves house manager.  In that case resident, should contact Director or Asst. Director for resolution



Violation of any rules listed above, or any action jeopardizing the safe and shared living arrangements of The Healing House Inc., will result in a formal write-up.  Failure to correct behavior may result in immediate eviction from Healing House Inc.  All disciplinary actions are executed at the discretion of the Director of Healing House.  The Director will have the final say in all matters affecting the safety and health of the Healing House Community. If the Director deems fit for you to be discharged, you must vacate premise IMMEDIATELY. If you feel the decision was unjust you can file an appeal with the Board of Directors for an evaluation of the decision.

Healing House, Inc. is a non-profit, faith-based substance abuse recovery organization, working in the Kansas City metropolitan area to provide safe and stable homes, with opportunities for spiritual and personal growth, along with purposeful guidance and support, for men and women who are committed to overcoming their addiction and becoming responsible, productive, drug and alcohol free members of our community.

 If you are committed to overcoming your addiction and changing your life WELCOME HOME!!!