Healing House, Inc.
4420 Saint John Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64123
(816) 920-7181


  • Resident Karen S

    If you have been to the Hall recently you have probably met Karen, or at least you may have noticed her mentoring new residents.   As the Hall Supervisor, she teaches life skills through community service.  New residents learn food prep, organize...

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  • Volunteer Tom L

    Our featured volunteer this month is Tom, better known as “Alpha Tom”.  Most Tuesday and Friday nights you can find him at the Hall teaching, mentoring and encouraging our residents.  Nearly 7 years ago Tom helped launch the Friday Night Alpha...

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  • Volunteer Halee S.

    Halee is the ultimate Healing House volunteer.  She works quietly behind the scenes every week publishing the monthly newsletter, updating the website, entering client data, and faithfully performing other office chores.  Halee has also written several...

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  • Former Resident Liz P.

    Liz is living proof that addiction knows no boundaries.  Addiction does not care about age, gender, race, culture, religion, geography or social status.  Liz is also living proof that addiction is a lifelong battle that can only be defeated one day...

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  • Current Resident Bob D.

    Everybody knows Bob.  He is a veritable icon at Healing House and an incredible inspiration to residents and volunteers alike.  Bob is currently the House Manager of Agape III among his many other responsibilities.  A beautiful rescue dog named...

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