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Monday, Jan. 29th 2018

Meet Tammy

To say that Tammy is a real life “Wonder Woman is not an exaggeration.  As the Healing House Maintenance Supervisor she directs the renovation, maintenance, and repair of our homes.  Over the last few years she has become a talented remodeler and a very patient supervisor of our many volunteers.  In her “spare time” she is the resident manager of the Pink House where she is responsible for 13-16 women in recovery at any given time.

Born and raised in California, Tammy spent 14 years driving a commercial fuel truck delivering gasoline to Shell stations on the west coast.  She lost her commercial driver’s license when she was charged with a DUI while driving her personal vehicle.  In 2009 Tammy moved to Oak Grove, MO to live with her brother and start a new life.  She spent time working in an assisted living facility where she cared for her grandmother among others, but her drinking continued.    Her change began with an 8 day stay in Research Hospital.  That led to 6 months of outpatient treatment at Rediscover.  Eventually she realized that she needed more help.

Tammy tried to steer clear of faith based recovery programs, but God closed every door.  Eventually she landed at Healing House where she learned to love and be loved, to trust and be trusted, and to heal by helping others heal.  She also found faith in God and a loving family.  Now Tammy feels a sense of purpose and pride in her work.  Work is “no longer a chore” but rather a joy, and she readily shares her experience with others.  Tammy celebrated 5 years of sobriety on December 3, 2017 and will celebrate 5 years at Healing House this May.  We are blessed by her presence as she continues to bless us all.

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3 Comments on “Meet Tammy”

  1. jan weber Says:

    Give Tammy a high 5 and a hug from Jan…I met her while helping MUM do the landscaping project 10-7-17 and again at the ribbon cutting for the new dining hall. She is such an inspiration!

  2. Healing House Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Jan. We will hug Tammy for you!

  3. TimothyCes Says:

    This actually answered my drawback, thank you! http://hellowh983mm.com

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