Healing House, Inc.
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Kansas City, MO 64123
Main Office: (816) 920-7181
Toll Free 24 Hour HOPE Line: (855) 770-HOPE (4673)

Our Homes

We currently have 4 women’s homes and 5 men’s homes with our 5th and 6th women’s homes opening in 2018.  We also have 2 apartment complexes for families with small children and for residents who are further along in their recovery journey.  Each residence has a unique story which you can read below. 


The History of Our Homes

The Pink House – 2003

The Pink House, Healing House’s first home, was established in 2003. Located in the downtrodden historic north-east area of Kansas City, this former nursing home was vacant for 1.5 years before it became a safe, loving place for women. The Pink House is a lamp stand within this community, spreading light and hope in an area once riddled with drug and gang violence and prostitution.

The Purple House – 2004

Purple House addiction recovery housing for women

Initially occupied by a drug dealer, the Purple House (now painted yellow) is a classic story of redemption. Prayers for this home to be used for good and not evil were fulfilled when Healing House purchased its second women’s home in 2004.  Operating two neighboring homes provided greater presence within this despairing community, creating a stronghold for healing. Interestingly, though the paint color has changed the name has remained.

 The Sunshine House – 2005

Sunshine addiction recovery housing for women

The Sunshine House, acquired by Healing House in 2005, has at different times provided housing for either men or women. As our home with many hats, it is currently utilized as a recovery home for men.

Spruce Apartments – 2005

When Healing House founder, Bobbi Jo, first discovered the Spruce Apartments, the basement floors were nothing more than dirt. After extensive renovations, these beautiful apartments now offer a supportive community environment for individuals, new mothers, and clients who are seeking to be reunited with their children from whom their addiction had separated.

Agape I – 2009

In 2009, Bobbi Jo received a phone call from a gentleman she had met at a charity function two years prior. This man called to tell Bobbi Jo that he felt led by God to donate a house to Healing House! To fill an ever-growing need, our first men’s home Agape I was established.

Ruth House – 2011

Ruth House is an advanced home for women who have displayed the ability to continue to take positive strides along their path to recovery and self-sufficiency. Women residing here regularly have children visitations as they seek to restore their family. This homes’ previous owner and name-sake wished that this house would be used for good, and we are grateful to say that it is!

Benton Apartments – 2011

The Benton Apartments were acquired in order to provide additional housing for the many rejoined families that Healing House serves. Benton’s four 1-bedroom and eight 2-bedroom units are home to both families as well as individuals residing at Healing House.

Meeting Hall – 2012

A badly needed dining and meeting place was secured in 2012 with the purchase of Healing House’s Meeting Hall. Recovery meetings, Bible studies, and community meals for Healing House’s entire “family” are held here nightly.

Office and Education Center – 2012


This small house is home to the Healing House Office. The generosity of the William T. Kemper Foundation paved the way for a computer lab, which residents utilize for job searching and Hi-SET tutoring/testing with the help of faithful volunteers.

 Bobbi Jo and Judi’s Home – 2012

In 2012, Bobbi Jo and Judi finally got their own home! The nine years prior, they had lived alongside the female residents in the Pink House. The top story of this stunning three-story home offers a cozy lodging spot for overnight visitors and volunteers.

 The Changing Station Day Care – 2013

A generous grant from the William T. Kemper Foundation opened up an opportunity to provide on-site childcare for children of Healing House residents through The Changing Station daycare. A $5,000 grant from Royals Charities awarded in December 2014 made a way for much needed safety improvements as well as the re-purposing of the two car garage into a fun-filled indoor/outdoor play space. Healing House and its’ children are grateful for our supporters!

  Agape III – 2014

Agape III was purchased to replace Agape II, Healing House’s men’s home that was destroyed by a house fire. The opening of Agape III in the fall of 2014 couldn’t come soon enough as men continued to flood Healing House’s phone lines seeking recovery support and housing.

 Cornerstone – 2015

In 2015 Healing House acquired its largest home, Cornerstone. This massive home, located near the Benton Apartments, provides sober housing for up to 40 men. Healing House has joined hands with the State of Missouri’s Department of Mental Health, Swope Health Services, and COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax) in a pilot program in which safe, supportive housing is made available for individuals engaged in intensive outpatient treatment.

 Madeline’s Swaddle House – 2017

Our newest addition, Madeline’s Swaddle House, opened in February 2017. Currently, seven pregnant women can live with their newborns for six months after birth. We are estimating fourteen women will live at Madeline’s in a twelve month period. This home will offer the mother’s bonding time with their infant while ensuring the mother receives parenting skills, education/employment, spiritual and emotional support in recovery.

The McNeely House – 2018

On Saturday, March 17, 2018 we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the opening of the McNeely House, our newest recovery home for men.  Located on Independence Ave, in the heart of the Kansas City drug culture, this new home is a beacon of hope for our community.  It is home to men who are more advanced in their recovery as they continue their transition to independent living.

Recovery Community Center – Coming in 2018

A former bowling alley, currently a vacant building, will become the the new Healing House Recovery Community Center (RCC) that will accommodate up to 300 people for daily dining, worship, recovery groups and special events.  Our large commercial kitchen will expand our catering business while building job experience for the residents.  The new office area will have a larger education center and additional offices for program expansion.

Our Furry Friends

Healing House also provides loving housing to rescue animals. These precious pets take up residence in our hearts and homes, offering unconditional love and a healing, joyful presence. You’ll find a furry friend greeting you at nearly all of our properties!