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Our Homes

Addition Recovery Housing

The Pink House, Est. 2003

Pink House addiction recovery housing for women

The Pink House was Healing House’s first residential addiction recovery home. Healing House transformed this former nursing home – located just a few miles west of downtown Kansas City – into a safe, loving place for women whose addiction had separated them from their families.

The Purple House, Est. 2004

Purple House addiction recovery housing for women

Shortly after Healing House purchased The Pink House, a drug dealer took up residence in the purple home located directly next door. Healing House leaders prayed for a way to not only protect their residents, but also for the home to being used for more noble work. In 2004, that tenant was evicted and Healing House purchased its second women’s home. The paint color has changed, but the name remains.


 Sunshine, Est. 2005

Sunshine addiction recovery housing for women

Healing House acquired Sunshine in 2005. This home has – at different times – provided housing for either men or women. As our home with many hats, Sunshine is currently utilized as an addiction recovery home for men.

Agape I, Est. 2009

Agape I addiction recovery housing for men

In 2007, Bobbi Jo met a gentleman by the name of JD Asbell at a charity function. Two years later, Bobbi Jo received a phone call from Asbell who was led by God to donate a home to Healing House. Thanks to Asbell’s generosity, Healing House established its fourth home. Healing House, having become increasingly aware of the need for addiction recovery housing for men, designated Agape I as our first men’s home.


Ruth House, Est. 2011

Ruth House addiction recovery housing for women

Ruth House is an advanced home reserved for women who have displayed the ability to continue to take positive strides on their road to recovery and self-sufficiency. Women residing here receive access to the same resources and services offered to other residents, while being afforded additional freedoms and responsibilities.


 Agape III, Est. 2014

After opening Agape I, men continued to flood Healing House’s phone lines seeking recovery support and housing. This led Healing House to acquire our second men’s home, Agape II, later in 2009. On February 13, 2014, Agape II suffered a devastating house fire. That same year, a replacement home – Agape III – was acquired and renovated within the same neighborhood as other Healing House homes.

Cornerstone, Est. 2015

Cornerstone addiction recovery housing for men

The need for safe, supportive addiction recovery housing continues to rise. Cornerstone, Healing House’s largest home to-date, fills this need in a big way by providing sober beds for men.

Spruce Apartments, Est. 2005

Spruce addiction recovery housing for families

At Healing House, we love to see families reunited. Healing House purchased the Spruce Apartments in 2005 to provide a place for clients to reconnect with their children. When Healing House founder Bobbi Jo first discovered the Spruce Apartments, the floors were nothing more than dirt. After extensive renovations, these apartments are now home to numerous reunited families and individuals who have become increasingly independent and self-sufficient.

Benton Apartments, Est. 2011

Healing House Benton Apartments addiction recovery housing for families

Beginning in 2011, Healing House began renting out the Benton Apartments in an effort to provide further housing for reuniting families. Healing House purchased the 12 unit building in 2015. These apartments provide homes to families as well as individual Healing House residents.