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Changing Lives, Transforming Communities

Healing House

Our faith-based recovery homes in the Kansas City metro area provide spiritual growth, emotional stability, and direction to prepare men and woman on their journey from addiction while seeking a purposeful life In our community.

Since Healing House’s founding in 2003, over 2,000 clients have passed through our doors. Many of these people were homeless upon arrival, 85 percent have been incarcerated, and 40 percent claim to have been raised in an unstable family environment. Even with such odds stacked against them, we’re proud to state that over 80 percent of Healing House clients report living addiction-free, productive lives. Through our education and employment training programs and required community service, we are helping to break down barriers to employment faced by many recovering addicts including incarceration, tarnished records, scarcity of lower level jobs, and minimal work experience. We eagerly work towards the completion of our multipurpose facility which will offer on-the-job training and work experience, improved recovery support services for individuals in recovery, and generate finances to create a self-sustaining Healing House.

We recognize the disease of addiction as tri-fold: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Our faith-based recovery homes provide a family setting for clients to let down their guard from the harshness of this world. We take a holistic approach to battling addiction through individual and group recovery support programs, accountability and mentoring arrangements, and numerous spiritual growth opportunities.



Thank You!

Thank you to those who have generously shared their blessings with Healing House.
~ Thank you to the Rodrock Development team who came caroling and bringing Walmart gift cards for all our residents!
~ Thank you to the Life Restoration group of Church of the Resurrection for your generosity in putting on a Christmas party for the Healing House family!
~ Thank you to Darol Rodrock of Rodrock Development for sending Santa - gifts and all - to Healing House children!

Upcoming Events

What a rich and wonderful Christmas season it's been at Healing House! Things are slowing down a bit around here, but there's still plenty of ways to get involved.
We're actively planning for our 3rd annual Silent Auction. We're now collecting donations! Contact us if you (or your business) would like to donate a service or new item for the auction.

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