Healing House, Inc.
4420 Saint John Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64123
(816) 920-7181

Healing House, Inc.

If you or a someone you know is looking for help with addiction recovery, Healing House, Inc. may be the right choice. Healing House provides addiction recovery support for men and women.We have been working in the Kansas City area since 2003 providing the keys to addiction recovery. We take an approach to helping men and women in addiction recovery that addresses the entire person. Our knowledgeable staff are equipped with the tools and know-how to help you achieve and maintain life-long sobriety.

Keys to Addiction Recovery

  • Our sober homes provide a safe place to begin your new life in recovery. Living with other men or women who are in recovery provides courage to keep on.
  • Our faith-based meetings and support groups provide comfort and encouragement. You can find help as you share your journey of recovery and learn from others.
  • Our education and employment program ensures that you receive one-on-one help as you seek to rebuild a better life.

Our 75% success rate along with the recovery success stories of current and former residents highlight the effectiveness of this approach. If you would like to see if there may be a place for you at Healing House, Inc., please consider submitting a screening application.

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