Healing House, Inc.
4420 Saint John Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64123
(816) 920-7181

Healing House, Inc.

Here at Healing House, we take a unique approach to helping men and women on their journey from addiction.

  • Through our residential-style housing, individuals receive accountability and support as they build relationships with others in addiction recovery.
  • Through our on-site faith-based meetings and support groups, individuals find comfort and encouragement as they share their journey of healing while learning from others.
  • Through our education and employment programs, individuals discover individualized help as they begin to rebuild a better life.

Since Healing House’s founding in 2003, more than 3,000 clients have passed through our doors. Many of these individuals were homeless upon arrival, 85% had been incarcerated, and 40% report being raised in an unstable family environment. Even with such odds stacked against them, we are proud to state that over 75% of the individuals finding help at Healing House report living addiction-free, productive lives.

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